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The WRC was officially launched in August 2021, when the formal agreement between all entities was recorded with the County of Madera. However, the idea of such a council had been in the works for some years, as informal discussions about the drought, failing wells, water resources, and what could be done about such things was the focus of conversations among interested persons. Even these discussions have deeper roots. The intertwining of water resources and the interdependence of the four entities dates to the very founding of the development of this part of Chowchilla in the late 1990s. The developers of the Golf Course, the Villas, the Lakes RV Park, and Greenhills Estates built into the very structure of the four entities a system of connected water features and resources. The primary purpose of the water system is the irrigation of Pheasant Run, with a secondary purpose involving the esthetic value of lakes in all four entitiesIn this day and age of dwindling water resources in California, it is in the mutual interest of the four parties to work together to maximize current resources and plan for future needs. 


The WRC works for the common interest of all entities regarding water resources, while liaising with the City of Chowchilla, the Chowchilla Water District, and the County of Madera. One of its main goals is to ensure that there is sufficient water available for golf course irrigation as well as lakes with additional goals of maintaining quality of water, pumps, wells and other related aspects of water resources. 

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