August 2022 Update. In June 2022, the WRC began the drilling of a new well, authorized by both the City of Chowchilla and the County of Madera. The intent is to replace and/or supplement the existing wells that are in need of repair or are nonfunctional. Note: that the entities represented by the WRC originally started with five wells, but over the course of two decades four have ceased to be functional, the latest being the "Kona well" (located in the K street area of Greenhills and Pheasant Run). The remaining well, located on Ridgewood, is not fully functional and is pumping minimal amounts of water at this time, approximately 200 gallons per minute. 


September 2022 Update. Drilling of the well is complete and water was reached. Currently, there is a temporary pump on the well. We are aiming for 800 gallons per minute, an achievable goal based on initial test results. The WRC has identified a turbine driven pump that will save money in the long run in terms of down-the-road repairs and operating costs. That will be installed upon delivery (to be determined).

Lakes that are low (those in the Block 8 and Block 12 areas of Greenhills), should begin to rise soon. However, it will take several months to reach full capacity for each lake. The irrigation pond, which feeds into Block 8, will rise first and then water from it will be pumped into the Block 8 lake. For Block 12, a repair needs to be conducted on the pipe that runs water from Block 14. Once completed, that lake will begin to rise from the gravity fed system. 


Annual Reports

July 2022

The next annual report is due in July 2023