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Who We Are

The WRC is an independent council that oversees and manages water resources and distribution for the following entities in the city of Chowchilla, California:​

Pheasant Run Golf Course: Operations and Management

Pheasant Run Golf Course: Ownership

The Villas

The Lakes RV Park and Resort

Greenhills Estates

The council meets once every other month. For 2022, the WRC will meet in November. For 2023, the slated months are January, March, May, July, September, and November. As an independent consortium, the WRC does not serve a particular entity and is not a homeowners association  or governed by HOA law. 


Each of the four entities has representation on the council. 

Pheasant Run, Operations:  Dan Bacci,

Pheasant Run, Ownership:  Martin Boone

The Villas: Don Burrer

The Lakes RV Park Suzanne Price  

Greenhills Estates: Sheila Stocker,  Jeff Troost,  Andrew Creighton


By clicking on a name above, you may contact a representative for your community should you have questions.

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