Who We Are

The WRC is an independent council that oversees and manages water resources and distribution for the following entities in the city of Chowchilla, California:​

Pheasant Run Golf Course: Operations and Management

Pheasant Run Golf Course: Ownership

The Villas

The Lakes RV Park and Resort

Greenhills Estates

The council meets once a month. As an independent consortium, the WRC does not serve a particular entity and is not a homeowners association  or governed by HOA law. 


Each of the four entities has representation on the council. 

Pheasant Run, Operations:  Dan Bacci,

Pheasant Run, Ownership:  Martin Boone

The Villas: Mark Ridge

 The Lakes RV Park Suzanne Price  

Greenhills Estates:Patrick Geary, Sheila Stocker, Bill VanPatten

By clicking on a name above, you may contact a representative for your community should you have questions.